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We are back from Canada.. Justin's slide show was amazing. The show sold out 2 days in advance and that has never happened before. It was premiered to about 2,000 people. They held it at an amazing event hall, where there where 4 screens. No matter where you sat it was a great show. Their were 6 photographers and they  had 3 days, with a team of riders to shoot and edit. (and not to mention  the conditions were rainy and muddy) At the show they did a short introduction on each of them and then had the photographer come introduce their show. Justin's show was number 5, after the 4th show my heart was racing and I had butterflies for him. I am so proud of him, and his poise and confidence throughout the entire introduction and the show.  He didn't place in the competition, I'm obviously a little bias.. But, he has already sold some shots from the show and a magazine is going to do an article on his team and the event. I love you Justin and I am so proud of you! 

(can you tell, I'm not the photographer... gettin some goods!)

 While being in one of the biggest Mtn Biking Resorts in the world, we were able to ride for one day, which was not enough.. but I was the happiest lady around. 
While we were away, I got this picture from grandma Sue.. I guess he wasn't missing us!

Here are a few more for good measure! 

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Jaime Stephens said...

Nice work Justin!! Glad you had fun! Cute pictures of ozzy that last one is my favorite he's so cute!