One of the best yet.

Thanksgiving 2012

Shooting guns at the Olsen home. New Thanksgiving tradition!

The happenings..

Ruby is growing up too too fast. Ozzy has finally taken to his bike. And wants to ride it where ever and whenever he can.


Ruby's Blessing

Last Sunday the 12th Justin gave Ruby the most amazing blessing. I feel so lucky to have such a special little family. Ruby is her own sweet spirit, and I hope she knows how much we love her!


Alpine days

Supper happy that Justin was in town for alpine days this year. Ozzy loved every bit of the parade. Then the kids cooled off the Olsen family way. A boat and bubbles!


Pioneer Day

Ozzy loves swimming! As he would say.. "swim swim mom!" He was jumping off the side, going down the slide. And we forced him out because his lips were blue. A great day with swimming and fireworks. Love this holiday!


Catching up.. Ozzy

Ozzy is almost 2 1/2.. He loves trucks, tractors and anything outside. He is fascinated with lights and pushing buttons. He is either the happiest boy or to the other extreme the maddest! He loves to give kisses and Big hugs. He is just talking your ear off.. And always has something to say. He is taking the world in! And I love everything about this age! (even when they smack you in the face!)

Here is a few for catch up..

Ruby Sue
April 30th
6lbs 12oz
18 1/2 inch long

Instagram Is keeping us updated


playing catch up

So things around the Olsen house have been pretty spectacular!
 It has been so nice having Justin around more and just enjoying Ozzy.
 He is getting so big! I can't even believe that he will be 2 in March.
 Here is just a little catch up. If you didn't know.... now ya do.. I'm pregnant and expecting in May. 
I have been pretty under the weather and sitting on the computer is the last thing on my mind when I have a free minute. But the good news is that I am feeling better everyday and so.... here is your update!
 Enjoy the plethora of pics of Ozzy.. 

Camping this fall up AF canyon

loving the first snow

Elmo ( he is obsessed!)
he loved trick or treating.
he was running from door to door.
what kid doesn't right?

Justin's best Halloween ever!! (besides when he met me!) 
He roamed like this.. scaring kids with his brother. 
Under the mask was the biggest grin!

A trip to Moab with the Olsen gang! It was a white trash, griswald adventure!
Justin's separated shoulder won us a seat in the ranger. 


laboring day

* we spent the day at canyons riding new downhill trails 
*ozzy spent the day playing with bikes, dirt, rocks, sticks and all those boy things! 
*ended it with a nice bbq at our house with some good friends.. 


the cutest (x) a catrillion bazzillion.... update for now..

i love those piercing blue eyes, even when they are sad and tired.
      i love that you put your little arms around my leg and want me to hold you.
i love how fast you say "all done"
 i feel so lucky that you wake up happy and talk in your crib until i am ready to come get you.
         i love that you walk to the back door, look in the back yard and say "daddy, daddy" because that is where he usually is.
   You are fascinated with lights.. turning them on and off and again and again.
i laughed really hard when you found the nail clippers and pretended that they were a harmonica (they kind of look like it right?)... and walked around making your own noises.  
i love it when a random man looks at you in the grocery store and calls you a "lady killer" i have to agree
   you DO know how to pucker those big lips.
i love you (x) a catrilliion bazillion...


enough said.


Winter park

justin had another job this last weekend in winter park colorado.
 we went along with him.
 and so did the mcQueens 
we stayed for free, rode bikes, played on the playground, went on walks 
watched bikers go really big, watched Ozzy, Ollie and Stevie just be kids
all in the best company!
some people think that we are crazy taking our kids...
i think that we are just making some awesome memories!


back home

We are back from Canada.. Justin's slide show was amazing. The show sold out 2 days in advance and that has never happened before. It was premiered to about 2,000 people. They held it at an amazing event hall, where there where 4 screens. No matter where you sat it was a great show. Their were 6 photographers and they  had 3 days, with a team of riders to shoot and edit. (and not to mention  the conditions were rainy and muddy) At the show they did a short introduction on each of them and then had the photographer come introduce their show. Justin's show was number 5, after the 4th show my heart was racing and I had butterflies for him. I am so proud of him, and his poise and confidence throughout the entire introduction and the show.  He didn't place in the competition, I'm obviously a little bias.. But, he has already sold some shots from the show and a magazine is going to do an article on his team and the event. I love you Justin and I am so proud of you! 

(can you tell, I'm not the photographer... gettin some goods!)

 While being in one of the biggest Mtn Biking Resorts in the world, we were able to ride for one day, which was not enough.. but I was the happiest lady around. 
While we were away, I got this picture from grandma Sue.. I guess he wasn't missing us!

Here are a few more for good measure!