playing catch up

So things around the Olsen house have been pretty spectacular!
 It has been so nice having Justin around more and just enjoying Ozzy.
 He is getting so big! I can't even believe that he will be 2 in March.
 Here is just a little catch up. If you didn't know.... now ya do.. I'm pregnant and expecting in May. 
I have been pretty under the weather and sitting on the computer is the last thing on my mind when I have a free minute. But the good news is that I am feeling better everyday and so.... here is your update!
 Enjoy the plethora of pics of Ozzy.. 

Camping this fall up AF canyon

loving the first snow

Elmo ( he is obsessed!)
he loved trick or treating.
he was running from door to door.
what kid doesn't right?

Justin's best Halloween ever!! (besides when he met me!) 
He roamed like this.. scaring kids with his brother. 
Under the mask was the biggest grin!

A trip to Moab with the Olsen gang! It was a white trash, griswald adventure!
Justin's separated shoulder won us a seat in the ranger. 

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