the cutest (x) a catrillion bazzillion.... update for now..

i love those piercing blue eyes, even when they are sad and tired.
      i love that you put your little arms around my leg and want me to hold you.
i love how fast you say "all done"
 i feel so lucky that you wake up happy and talk in your crib until i am ready to come get you.
         i love that you walk to the back door, look in the back yard and say "daddy, daddy" because that is where he usually is.
   You are fascinated with lights.. turning them on and off and again and again.
i laughed really hard when you found the nail clippers and pretended that they were a harmonica (they kind of look like it right?)... and walked around making your own noises.  
i love it when a random man looks at you in the grocery store and calls you a "lady killer" i have to agree
   you DO know how to pucker those big lips.
i love you (x) a catrilliion bazillion...


Scott & Christie Lamb said...

oh my goodness! He has a new swim fan (hehe) sure love this little man! Cute post! and oh by the way LOVE his hair!

Spence and Car said...

oh steph, you know how to make a grown woman cry! love that boy too!